Thursday, August 28, 2008

When something's good...

...pass the word around :)

This is a girls' post... guys, move along nothing to see here.

Mui told me about a promo she did for Annabelle's new mascara and said I should try it... so I did... put the promo code on the website, ordered the lil red tube... got it in the mail today.


The thing is just AWESOME!!! I usually don't care much about mascara. I'm a red head so my lashes are short and very pale. No matter what I try on them the result is always less than fancy.

But this one works miracles! Damn, it almost looks like I have fake lashes on (in a good way! :P). Long, thick and black, you see them from a mile away! The brush allows you to play with the look for results from very natural to drag queen diva... I'll stick to diva ;)

The closest I ever got to that look was the fake lashes I had put on by a esthetician. The idea was awesome, the look incredible!, but they fell off too quickly (2 weeks) for the price (200$.. yes I paid that much.. I wanted to try it and had money to spare).

I'm glad to say, I wont have to pay that much ever again :D

Just so you know, I'm a quality freakazoid.. my makeup is exclusively Chanel, Makeup 4ever and sometimes Sephora... guess I've just had my nose rubbed in it :P 8,95$ Annabelle trumps 28$ Chanel! go figure...

I have strange friends

Or friends with a strange sense of humor...

Sonia and Maya are trying to convince me that prince charming is still out there (yeah, right!)... and they brought me proof... you can buy the perfect guy in any toys r us nearby :P

so here he is...

At first he looks like any average guy....
until you pour water on him...

Then you wait for the extreme makeover to happen...
drum rolls... 10 minutes pass.... water is all murky, bubbling and green... then pop!
pour water out.. it's a PRINCE!!! but waaaay too small! :(

no worry, let it steep in his bucket for 72 hours and he GROWS!!!

That was good advice girls... next time I see a really hot 5'8" guy, I'll pour water on him and wait 3 days. :P ...maybe he'll grow a crown as well... and a brain and ambition and opinions and everything else that's missing in the boys here...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A man has just been indicted for the rape of at least four prostitutes. The charges are assault, sexual assault, sequestration, and death threat. The aggressions took place in two districts of Montreal, from 2002 to 2007...

The guy raped prostitutes... like, seriously... he raped women who's job is to willingly have sex in exchange for money...

ok, ok, I know that rape has nothing to do with sex, it's about control and domination... but shit man, how low can you get?

And the worst thing is that targeting prostitutes is actually a well reasoned choice, which makes the guy even more disgusting! Because no matter how far women's rights have come in the past century, who's going to believe a hooker who says she's been raped, right? and how many of them will have the guts to tell the police about it... That leaves a clear field for scumbags like Giovanni D'Amico to use those girls (and boys) as punching bags.

I fuckin hate the hypocrisy** of all government instances, the police and all those good-thinkers-religious-freaks who try to repress something that will NEVER go away. Prostitution's always been there and will always exist, GET OVER IT!!! Stop acting like oversensitive prudes and legalize the damn thing!!! Brothels worked just fine before WWII, open them again, keep them clean and collect plenty of taxes on it... and if the idiots south of the border complain, offer them a free voucher to sample the product... that might change their mind...

Strange too, that those who speak loudest against it are usually the ones who get caught in a motel with one ... hypocritical bastards

**Technically, in Canada, it is not a criminal offense to buy sex... but it is to commit a sexual act in public (that includes your car) or in a place commonly used for that purpose (aka a brothel... or we could stretch it and include every bedroom.. so if your boyfriend buys you a drink and you take him home for sex he could technically be arrested for it :P). So you can "buy" it, but not "use" it... For the whole extent of this non-sense check here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My to-do list for this week is a mile long... and I'm a completely dysfunctional nervous wreck cause I'm waiting for an answer for a potential job that could take me somewhere crazy... another "to be continued"...
I can't deal with rejection anymore.. could someone want me please?!?!? I'm starting to think I ain't worth shit here...


Saturday night turned out to be a roller coaster with a good and bad ending... does that make it neutral?

It started with the release party of Delayed Echoes, Marc's cd... champagne and good music. Check his website for a sample of it... smooth, ambient, reminiscent of Buddha Bar in a way but with a more theatrical approach.

I moved on to La Distillerie after to meet Mui, Alex and Viv for mega drinks. Tricky place this pub... the drinks are serve in huge Mason pot, 4oz of alcohol in each and taste like juice... 2 and you're gone-bye-bye. Which is just what we did :)

The rest of the night is a bit fuzzy... they went to Baloo's, I ended up at Passeport. Turned out loads of my friend had had the same idea, so the party was full on upon my arrival. There was a lot of dancing and shots. I learned that someone has been asking/talking about me... but I have no idea who. Apparently, I've seen him around a couple of time... which is a very bad sign cause, well, I have no idea who he is! If he was interesting, I'd remember him... it is so rare that I find someone I like... I tend to remember them when it happens. Anyway, that is a "to be continued" story.

Around 2:30am I left and drifted towards Mui's place (no way I was driving!) Once there I realized my cellphone was gone. I called it, no answer... so I retraced my steps all the way to Passeport, freaking out and calling with Mui's cell every 10sec. Got there just before closing, and the ever-so-nice staff checked around for it. When the lights went up, I looked on the dance floor, still calling, and someone answered! It was Alex, one of the doorman, who had just picked it up on the other side of the dance floor :) I am one lucky bitch :) ... and I really need to copy my contact list in an address book!

On my way out, I stopped by the door to talk to a couple of friends and some little drunken moron crash landed her wooden platform shoe right on my strappy sandals wearing left foot. Luckily, I was so drunk that the excruciating pain registered only as a footnote (HA-ha) in my brain. I walked back to Mui's place, but during the night, as the alcohol receded from my blood, the pain became more and more unbearable, to the point of waking me up. The next day I had trouble walking, the pain radiating all the way to my ankle. I eventually gave up trying to have a normal day and went home, put ice on it and watched tv.

Today, the top of my foot is blue, red and green, but it doesn't hurt so bad anymore, so I guess nothing's broken... I just saved myself a trip to the x-ray machine yay!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's hard to wait around for something
that you know might never happen
but it's even harder to give up when
you know it's everything you want


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Maybe I should clarify the previous post... Lamaze's gold wasn't just a good generic Olympic moment for me...
I love show jumping, I love horseback riding, I love horses...
I've been riding since I was a kid, first western than I started jumping too. That is, until I fell (not even while jumping, it was a week of playing cowboy with my best friend the MD) and seriously injured my back.

Since then, I stopped my classes. For over a year I couldn't and after that I started diving and all my cash went towards the sea. But I miss it... a lot.

When I watch the competitions, I know how they feel on the course. I know what it's like to master a jump, the impression of complete freedom while you're in the air... so I kinda live the thrill again by proxy :P

One day I'll have a combination of loads of cash and free time, and I'll get back to it. Maybe I should sign up for a time turner... would make things happen faster :)

high emotions

"When you give people chances and allow them to learn from their mistake, great things happen"
-Eric Lamaze-

Eric Lamaze has taken the gold in show jumping this morning! After a more-than-rocky path towards the Olympics he made a perfect run, defeating the Swedish Rolf-Goran Bengtsson in a jump-off.

The commentators were wondering how long it'll take before a movie is made about it...

Lamaze has a very atypical background for show jumping... mom was in jail for drug-trafficking and dad was in the wind, so he was raised by his grand-mother who had a drinking problem... He started jumping at 15yo and showed talent right from the start. But his rocky past bit him in the ass in 96, just before Atlanta's Olympics, when he tested positive for cocaine and was banned from competition for 4 years, later reduced to 7 months.

In 2000, before Sydney, he was tested positive for ephedrae and banned again.. turned out the ephedrae was in mislabeled legit cold medication and the banned was overturned, but Lamaze had fell into cocaine again and he was cut from the Olympic team on the eve of the Opening Ceremony.

After this blow, he decided to clean up his act, and focused on jumping... with a golden result in Beijing.

It shows that, no matter how shitty your past was, when you decide to pass over it and focus on your strengths, nothing can stop you.

I've rarely been so moved to hear our National Anthem...

Next horsy fix... Spruce Meadow, September 3-7... :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to being serious...


Pff I'm tired.... would help if I could sleep for a change. I have time to do so but my brain wont let me snooze. I guess it's called stress...

The weekend in Magog was excellent! I'll put the pics up after this post. We went to Bleu Lavande to get a lavender overdose (and we did). Got 3 potted plants, will put them in the garden next spring... even the leaves smells good! Bought some essential oil too... trying to reduce stress and boost sleep hours... no matter what my room smells good now.

We spent a day at the lake, visited a couple of sites and played vicious games of Mario Kart on the Wii :)

I'm helping out at Parc Safari these days... making a catalog of all landscaping operations to make the department more efficient than it is now. I should bring Balou next week for some crazy pics with Limba..

I met Ronald Corey at the Parc today. He was President of the Montreal Canadiens from 82 to 99. My dad knows him, and it was because of him I got tickets for Guy Lafleur's last game in Montreal, and also got to watch his last game (in Quebec city) on the press gallery (my dad has the coolest connections in the world!). So I was able to thank him for it. :)

That's it for now, I have a headache.. need to go put my face in my new lavender plants :P

Friday, August 15, 2008

sun n sand

There probably wont be any post this weekend.. I'm going to Magog for 3 days of swimming, sunning and sanding :P

Very cool when rich parents have huge cabins near lakes and all but too much work to enjoy it... the kids can crash the place and party hehehe

I'll get to use my fi-ins *happy dance*

see ya Tuesday! woohoohoo!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've added pics from last night in the Fest Smorg album :)

It can never be simple can it?

The guy who assaulted me in Fort William called me last night. At 2am. I didn't have my phone with me so I didn't answer... he then txted at 2:30am and at 3am and at 3:30am... The messages were in the lines of "hey remember me? We met in the UK. How are you, how's life?"

errr... yes I remember you, I tend not to forget people who jump on me unannounced! and the last thing I told you was to F-U-C-K O-F-F A-N-D D-I-E (which is what I replied to him since he kept sending txts)

He replied "you're still angry about that? stop being angry and be friend with me again I'm sorry for what I did back then"

errr... letmethinkaboutitno!

Why is it that it's only the nutcases who keep on trying? Why, when something shitty happens, do the "hot" guys forget about me in half a second and move on to another girl, but the crazies apologize endlessly, txt and email and phone begging for forgiveness? Is being mentally ill a prerequisite to be interested in me?

do I have a fuckin neon sign over my head blinking "psychos welcome"?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've finally regain the use of both my eyes! weehee!!! after a week of being a cyclops it was about time...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ca va toujours aussi bien dans l'monde

“Welcome to the East... sometimes I ask myself will the violence ever cease”

South Ossetia has been wanting to secede from Georgia for years, two referendums back up the claim, even though they were not recognized by any government, be it Georgian or international. (highly simplified version of History, for details see Wiki).
Tensions have been building for a while, and the Georgian government decided to swipe the region on August 8th, hoping the cleansing would pass unnoticed, the world's eyes being turned toward Beijing.
Didn't work too well... some people noticed the explosions, tanks and armed soldiers strolling around and the international community got its nose in. Russia intervened to back up the Ossetian army and it all should have ended 2 days ago, when the Georgian army retreated and conceded defeat.

But it didn't...

For fuck sake, why did Russia have to keep on advancing and invade Georgian territories that were quite happy being Georgian? You know, the bearded guys had a point when they declared greed a sin... can't you be satisfied with just freeing the people who actually want to be freed?... Do you really have to seek and destroy an entire country? What for? Just to prove you can? To teach them a lesson? (Russia has been pissed at Georgia -as well as Ukraine and Moldavia- for wanting to join NATO)

I think some Russian strategist has seen Braveheart one time too many...

So now the former attackers have become victims, shit has hit the fan and no one knows when it's gonna stop (some say not until Russia has overthrown the Georgian government).
Meanwhile, houses are destroyed, people are killed, hoards of civilians are fleeing as they watch their lives' work go up in smoke... all in the name of greed...

What a wonderful world.

*update: it's seams like a cease fire has been achieve Tuesday night, and both sides have signed a peace agreement, thanx to France (who's presiding over the EU this year). Now the question is: will it hold and be respected... and for how long.. yes I'm a cynic, get used to it*

when crying wont change a thing...

it's better laugh about it...

(meanwhile in Montreal-Nord, the 100m race with tv!)

(outsiders note: there was a riot in a district of Montreal this weekend. What fired it up is the death of an 18yo boy, who was shot by a police officer in a park. The boy and his friends were unarmed; the officers called out the older brother (who has a record but was not breaking any conditions at this moment), when he didn't comply things heated up. One kid dead, two injured and a whole neighborhood ablaze... lovely)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic fever

If I had kids (not that it's ever gonna happen) I would gladly support them in becoming high caliber athletes... but I would pray to every god available that they'd pick a team sport! And especially not something that is judged...

Every time I watch those little girls in gymnastic, my heart squeezes. So much work, so much effort... hours of training alone, repeating the same routine over and over again... only to be thwarted by a millisecond of hesitation in their 3 seconds performance or judges that have been "influenced" to vote the other way. Even when money doesn't change hands, it's impossible to be completely impartial... it's so unfair...

At least in sports like basketball, volleyball or football you're in it with a team... a bunch of friends who win and loose together. The training is hard but you're never alone, and victory is based on which team scores more. Simple and non-negotiable. (ok, referees can be a pain in the ass, but their influence on the outcome is still less than those of corrupted judges)

I don't know, to me it just seems better for someone's sanity... it's more human, less machine...
anyway, just my opinion...

tv commercial...

Kid throws a baseball in the air, screams "I'm the greatest batter in the world!" and misses... strike one, turns his cap around, tries again... strike two, spits in his hands, tries again.. strike three.. pause... "wow... (screams) I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!!"
voice over : "optimism.. pass it around"


(no idea what the ad is for though :P)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

(One day I'll) fly away

Why is there always a fly in my house? Not 2, not 3... just one... but ALWAYS one... I let it out, and five minutes later another one is zooming around! What is this? A tiny wingy version of The Highlander? :S

take that cooking gods!

I just cooked the best steak I've ever had!!!

Probably inspired by the food network (thanx Mui!) I've been trying different combination of marinades for chicken and beef and slapping the result on the bbq. Some were good, others just ok but I came up with the jackpot just now!

I'm not (always) a selfish brat so I'm gonna share it with you dear people... don't have quantities though, cause I'm a fan of "a bit of this, a swig of that".. just remember to go easy on the teriyaki sauce or it will be too salty.

So in a bag/dish/whatever container you will put your steak in, mix:

Teriyaki sauce
Hoisin sauce
apple cider vinegar
onion chutney
sour cream
chili powder

close tight and let it sit in the fridge for at least a day.
Take it out of the bag, let the excess marinade drip, slap on the bbq, yum!

Note that I didn't loose any limbs in the process, a freakin miracle these days :P

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Watching MythBusters... pondering on all the things gone to crap this last year... I need a drink... or maybe a life... though I'd settle for both my eyes at the moment...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I think the cooking gods are trying to tell me something...

After slicing my finger while preparing vedgies last week, I just burnt my eye (yes, godamit, my EYE!) with boiling water...
I'm making sticky toffee pudding (which on itself is worth far worse injuries!) and the boiling water I was pouring over the dates splashed merrily in my left eye. aaaaaaaaaaarg!! ho the agony!!!!!!!! :(

So now I'm functioning with one eye only, the other being red and swollen
tv it is for the rest of the evening...

(but the pudding is ready... yumyum hoooyeah!)

why shit why am I so clumsy??? I need a fuckin keeper! :P

Houdini :P

Well... I tried the collar on my pup last night... he got smarter... kept it, looking pitiful, until we went upstairs. I checked back 5 minutes later... collar was on the floor :S

then again, who would want to look like that?! poor lil guy...

Good news is, this morning the rash looked better, so B didn't lick it too much... I conclude that the spray must be working and stopped the thing from itching :)


Other good news, completely unrelated but for the magic twist involved :
Mui found it chained to a parking meter on St-Andre, corner Maisonneuve.... about 100m from where she lives! there's a very dumb thief in the area! (I just knew the guy was a troll!)
Police came and cut the lock... and now the bike is back home and safely locked INSIDE!!!

Mui says that her bike's name is the reason it came back... Christine... hehehe.. we should check the alleys for a dead dude with tiny tire marks all over him ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Akon, I love you, but what the hell is that mushy crap I just heard you sing on the radio?!
I know it's you.. there's not two voices like that in the world...


Just got back from the vet with Balou... the rash on his side is a hotspot *insert sigh of relief here*.

Good news: I just have to put a spray on it 4 times a day and it will go away in about 10 days.

Bad news: Balou now has a shaved pink spot on his side and will have to wear an Elizabethan collar at night and when I cannot watch him so he doesn't lick and scratch the spot... i.e. my dog looks like a complete idiot!!! :(
and last time he had to wear one of those collars my lil Houdini managed to get rid of it in half a second... that'll be an interesting 10 days...

Pictures should be posted soon hehehe :P

Monday, August 4, 2008


In LaPresse this morning:

Look at this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!In exhibit close by the Ferrari and Lotus, the Electric Lightning GT felt right at home with its pure lines and sumptuous leather interior
PLEASE click on the image to see it full size.. it's sooo worth a better look!!!

I have a serious weakness for luxury cars... my dream ride would be a Mercedes 500sl (I sat in one when I was 14yo and I've been in love ever since). Strong, beautiful, classy-not-flashy, efficient, well built and powerful enough to ride at 250km/h on a sunny highway, top down, hair in the wind, music blaring. (think of it, that's the description of my dream guy too... hum... interesting...).

But this Lightning baby has one major advantage on my SL... it's ELECTRIC!!!!!!! I'm having seizures just looking at it!!! Damn, it's as good looking as a Lamborghini (my other dream car... more lover than long term relationship though), goes up to 250km/h, from 0 to 100km in 4 sec (or less!). It has an autonomy of 300km on one charge and charges up in 10 minutes with triphase current (or a couple of hours on a standard plug).

They should be available at the end of 2009 or sometime in 2010...
retail price.. gulp... 250 000$... (I'll start saving right f***** now!) *drool*

My puppy is sick :(

He has a rash on his side and he keeps biting at it... I'm taking him to the vet Tuesday, 'cause then I'll have a bigger car (my sister's) to fit him in... who else would be dummy enough to buy the smallest car in the world and biggest dog possible?... good job me! :\

It could be just food allergy... I'll hope for that and not something horrible... food allergy only means more expensive food, I can live with that...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Franco mix

Finally I finished my video of the Francos... It wasn't that complex, but my new video editor took some getting used to. And I don't know what's wrong with youtube, but it always takes forever to upload and the quality goes down the drain... I had to redo the subs cause they were too blurry to read in the first try.

So here's Les BB, Anonymus, Grimskunk, Michel Rivard and more... small samples of a week at Francofolies :P (and I apologize for the image/sound quality... it's youtube's fault... I swear it looks awesome when I watch the original on my computer!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

buzy week

I've added pics to the Festivals album... and I will eventually have a mix of videos too.. but didn't have time to get to it yet.

Some dimwitted moron stole Mui's electric bike tonight! It's really a *what the fuck*?!?! case because it weights a ton and is completely useless without the keys! I mean if you can't get the motor running there's no point riding it with the pedals alone... it's just 10 times harder than a regular bike! (plus, we asked around, pawnshops do not buy them, and no bike shop will make a new key for one unless you have proof of purchase, the spare parts are worth nothing... so there's just no way to make $$ out of it)

Hopefully the troll will realize that and dump the bike somewhere for us to find... in the mean time, if you see an electric bike that looks like that, but blue and silver, please tell Mui or me