Sunday, June 29, 2008

more cartoons, I have no life :P

...or there's just a lot of funny cartoons around these days :)

"Every American has the right to bear arms"

Maybe that will reduce the amount of idiots down there if they all start shooting each other? but yeah, fat chance... more likely the morons will shoot the few good ones left...

Where do I sign to resign from the human race?

Sushi done right

Fish are friends not food! Leave the few left in the ocean to the sharks, to whom they rightfully belong anyway. :P

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nemi always gets it right

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Summer in Montreal is party central... with all the festivals, parties, holidays and street sales, it's a wonder how people find time and energy to go to work...

This year the city decided to close part of Ste-Catherine street to circulation permanently, from June to September. Considering that it was closed every other day because of all the festivals anyway, it just made sense and now all the restaurants and clubs have built extended patio up to the middle of the street. a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

I celebrated St-Jean with a bunch of anglos this weekend. It was a lot of fun, got to rediscover pubs and celebrations I had missed for a couple of years. Night of the 23rd (which is always a drunken debauchery since the 24th is a holiday and all offices are closed) was up to par, with plenty of beer, shots, music and food, starting at 3pm and ending in a heated pool at 6am (with more beer, tequila and sunrise :P).

Sean, Sue, Davon and me set out for *late* breakfast at Cora on the 24th, missing the parade, but hey do we really feel that strongly for parades anyway? We strolled to Parc Maisonneuve afterward to check out the crowd and preparation for the big St-Jean show. it was great until it started pouring rain for 20 minutes.. buckets of ice cold liquid dropping on everything.. and nowhere to hide!!! no tarp, no tent, no umbrella :( we ended up soaking wet... water dripping all over, and decided to give up and go home.

I stopped by Mui's place, borrowed a sarong and drop my clothes in the dryer. Bert showed up (he didn't know our traditional bbq had been canceled this year) so we had pizza and burgers with sangria for them, chocolate milk for me (I've had my share of booze for a while thank you).

So now it's officially summer. Jazz festival is on its way, then Just for Laugh, then Nuit d'Afrique, then Gay Pride... plus the tam jams, and piknic electronic and all the regular nights at Passeport... and the micro breweries, La Distillerie, Baloo's... so many options so little time!

all is well 'cept I still don't have a job and money is getting tight... luckily all those festivals are free... I might have to invest in a flask to booze up at cheaper price :P
Anyway, I will get that job soon... I have to!!! I want to flyyyyyyyyyyyyy again! fuck I miss it!!!!

*all those parties and festival will end up in my lastest pic album posted right there --->*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A mess every ten years

Last Tuesday a huge thunderstorm hit my town. Howling wind up to 120km/h, heavy rain as if a bucket had been turned over, lightning and thunder like a heavy metal show!

It lasted about 20 minutes and managed to completely destroy my neighbors' front yard. Two massive trees were cut at the base by lightning (there actually is a point to that "do not hide under a tree during a storm"!) and one of them uprooted 2 others when it fell. With leaves and branches everywhere my street looked like mother nature's war zone!
I uploaded some pics I took right after the storm...

Someone must have put in a good word for us to the ol' mom though cause none of our trees were damaged! Not even one broken branch! And we got electricity back after 2 days, unlike some in St-Hilaire who stayed in the dark for 4-5...

It's a bit weird though, in 87 we had a massive flood, in 98 the ice storm and in 2008 this apocalyptic thunderstorm with hail the size of tennis balls... is it the new pattern for Montreal? One big crap every ten years?

Friday, June 6, 2008

in this club

Could someone please tell me where the fuck is this damn club so I can send a bunch of dominatrix to shag Usher for good so he can stop WHINING!!!