Saturday, October 31, 2009

yay pumpkin day!!!

This year my costume is a pumpkin... all orange :P... I even have green boots for the stem... if I stand on my head it works...

not bad hey?! I'm already delirious... that's not a good sign :P

There were carved pumpkins throwing up candy at lunch today... don't even need to go trick or treating to get some XD

evil evil day

Made it to the rig yesterday... I'm on day shift arg!

I missed all of the mob... mag172 is sitting pretty on the skid, wired up and comp'd, waiting for its first dive... which will be later today! at least I get that!

the mob was a pain in the a**, it rained for the whole week, things went boom, things got broken.. maybe I'm glad I wasn't there afterall :P nah.. would have been a good learning experience.. too bad :(

we're still smoothing things up in the vans and all.. plenty to do so I wont get bored to insanity like last time yay!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

fly fly away?

Looks like I've been moved to an earlier flight...
if all goes well I'll be flying out at noon tomorrow...



all flights have been canceled for the rest of the day...

So only 4 went today, leaving 8 or 9 for tomorrow... mine's still last...

I gotta feeling that I'll still be in this hotel room tomorrow night...

ready... set... ... ... no go...

Helicopters have been grounded since Monday! And weather out there has been awful so no boat transfers were possible either.
I've also been told this morning that the rig is under tow... which would explain why I couldn't reach anybody by phone last night at 1am when I got in St.John's and had no idea when my flight was since there was 12! of them listed on Cougar's website.
So I went to the heliport at 7am, to be told the chances of me going out today were about as likely as a heat wave in the North Atlantic...

On a good day it's possible to squeeze 6 flights... but today only 4 have gone, though there is still time for more before sundown.

So I might go tomorrow evening... or not :P

Somehow it's a lot less frustrating to be stuck in a hotel at the beginning of a hitch than stuck on the rig at the end of one... and since I was delayed going home by 4 days last time, I wont even feel bad about it! :) call it karmic equilibrium

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so long, farewell

got my plane ticket for tomorrow... going back to Mr Goodrich if only he was good and rich... and an actual human being :P

I wonder if the new sub is there yet or if the whole thing was pushed back to a remote date... we'll see we'll see...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

saturday night

7pm :
watching the hockey game 5-4 in overtime!!! go habs go!!! :P with the buddies, drinking beer, eating bbq wings and hotdogs

watching Sex and the City, the movie, with more buddies and drinking cosmos specially made, martini glasses, pink enough, but no cointreau!

What does that make me? well adjusted or totally bi-polar? :P

Saturday, October 24, 2009


could someone explain to me how it is possible that Lady Gaga's tickets were already on resale by scalpers who now have websites and all for double the original price 24h BEFORE the tickets were on sale on Admission?

and, when the tickets were on sale at 10am, how come there was no floor seats left at 10am?

There is no way I'm gonna pay 125$ for tickets that were originally 49$!!!

this is bullshit!!! >:(

Friday, October 23, 2009


It's the weekend again??? so soon???

why is it that 3 weeks go by so fast here and so slow out there? I know it's 19 days home, 23 days offshore because of transport and all but can 2 days make such a difference?!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall cooking

It's October... a month to bake and freeze for later all sorts of goodies...

After perfecting the apple pie, I've decided to go rogue on the pumpkin pie and try it with butternut squash instead... something like a butternut/dulce de leche/pecan mix in all-butter-picture-perfect-pie-crust...

I also created a spinach-mushroom-parmesan-mascarpone soup that I'm still rolling-on-the-floor-screaming about! DAMN it's good!!! that one is so going in my in-the-making cookbook!

another all-vedgies-left-in-the-fridge soup is cooking right now

and next will be a cranberry loaf with ginger and chocolate :P

only bad thing.. I'll be back on the rig before I have time to eat it all.. or maybe that's actually a good thing... if I wanna keep on fitting in my clothes :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

slow down girly

After a day of brunch and shopping with only 5 hours of sleep due to major party gallore last night...
now it's time for couch-popcorn-The Simpsons, Family Guy and all other cartoons on Fox!


brain bubble

Every time I drive somewhere wearing heels... when I shift my foot from gas to break I hear Alicia Silverstone in Clueless saying "you try driving in platforms" :P
driving in heels IS a challenge!

back to normal!

3 hours dinner at a fancy place
in the company of 10 beautiful people
drinks at a newly renovated pub
good music, good beer, good times!
more drinks and some dancing at a trendy club
and some laughs at the expense of a drunken idiot on the dance floor :P
finishing off with some wild beats in an afterhour
should've changed shoes though... broke one of my Mary Jane! high heels and techno DO NOT mix...
getting home at 5:45am
tired but not exhausted
life is back to what it should be!

Happy birthday Sean!!! love ya forever!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


two and a half weeks are not enough to see everybody I want to see!!!

I'm double/triple booked every day till I leave again!

The question is.. when will I sleep? I've been pushing it back to "next time" since June...

I'm tired... entertained.. but tired...

take that Martha!

Nothing smells better than an apple pie just out of the oven...
and it's even better when it cools off in your car, on your way to a dinner with friends!

Today I have perfected the apple pie to a summit... it can't get any better... verdict reached by all the guests at dinner
so.. now what? start over with pumpkin pie? plum? pear?
ho no... I know just which one to elevate to higher ground: KEY LIME PIE!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

commercials influence

home owner ... helping home owners

ho yeah.. I've gone wack... but I'm a home owner now!!!!

easy morning

bucket-size mochaccino... check

newspaper... check

quiet house... check

big fluffy dog asleep on my feet... check



Monday, October 12, 2009



and today... I'm going to the Lowney office... to sign the official buyer's contract for...

free glitter text and family website at


Saturday, October 10, 2009

third time's the charm?

Am I gonna leave this place today?

and if I do will there be a seat for me on the plane to Montreal?

when the %$#&*@! am I gonna get home?!?!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

shoot to kill

I'm f***** stuck on the f***** rig cause the f***** helicopter company is too f***** moronic to take care of the f***** maintenance on their f***** choppers and now they only have one left that doesn't lose some f***** parts of its fuselage in the f***** Atlantic!!!

and tomorrow's weather is s*** so nothing's gonna f***** fly and I'll end up getting home on f***** Sunday!!! and I'll miss my f***** appointment for my f***** condo!!! >:(

now excuse me, I will go bash my steel caps in stuff until there's nothing left.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was put on the earlier helicopter tomorrow the supposedly non-existent one that is now listed as alive and well :P

so there is good chance I'll be outta here after all.. I just don't learn this don'tjinxitstupid thing don't I?!


I jinxed it :S

Tomorrow morning is still looking good... but all's suppose to slowly go to s*** after 12pm... doh!

So if I'm lucky and the chopper gets here early I'm good to go... if not.. well it'll be hit or miss... if it finds the heli-deck or not...

shouldn't have said anything.. t's'all my fault now :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

counting down...

It's looking good for Thursday don'tjinxit!! don'tjinxit!! weather wise... 6+ visibility... only for Wednesday and Thursday.. it's been foggy as hell for the past week and will return to the same status starting Thursday night after I've gone of course!

I don't think one chopper flew out in the past 4-5 days :S everybody got in and off by boat... getting here or home 2 days late.

Since I have a "pre-appointment" appointment to sign for my condo on Saturday... I DON'T WANT TO BE LATE!!!! come on mom nature! you can do it!!! bring that sun out and keep it there 'till the chopper lands in St.John's!
... actually... leave it out a bit longer so my plane to Mtl can take off too! :P

Monday, October 5, 2009

offshore ROVing = hallucinations?

I'm having the weirdest dreams again...
It seems like every time I'm offshore, after 2 weeks I start dreaming strange stuff. Vivid dreams I remember clearly. Last night I dreamed I was applying Ceasar's the dog whisperer training technique... but to a cat and a kid! :S and that dream went on forever... with shopping involved, to socialise both of them... wtf?!

And it's not just me... almost all the guys have those very clear, weird dreams, after a couple of weeks spent here... it was the same on the Osprey... except that they were horrible nightmares, but then again, the well we were working on was going straight through one of Hell's gates so it might have been some demons playing tricks on us :P seriously, that thing was cursed!

So... what's the cause for those dreams? stress? isolation? we're 140 people on board.. not exactly alone... something in the tap water? afterall it IS orange... slow-take food poisoning? godamn meat and potatoes everyday >:( rov pilots are crazy to begin with and the offshore environment just brings it up more? that might be it :P

any ideas all you shrinks out there?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's the pit... the mud pit

The well is still being stupid and dancing a cha-cha with some hot piece of mud it met at a low bar...
so guess what... MORE DELAYS!!!

I'm leaving in 4 days yay! and it looks like I wont see anything of the mob boo! :S

in the meantime, I'm dreaming of cold beer, foamy mochaccino and good food though my standards are at an all time low at the moment cause anything that is NOT meat and potatoes sounds just delightful...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I can fly!

... there's a rumor going around saying that I'm a good pilot... :D

now who's gettin' a big head about it? it's me! it's me! XD

time goes by... so slowly...

5 days!!! 5 days and I'm going home!!!

Good news, the weather channel seems to agree with my going home but still has 5 days to change its mind about it

Bad news, I will more than likely miss the mob... or see 2-3 days of it.. the taking stuff apart part which I can already do pretty well :P and nothing of the putting stuff back together which would have been useful to learn :S

The crew on board now is pretty laid back and nice, makes for a good atmosphere to be around...
all that good stuff might take a gloomy turn soon though... crew change is not always a good thing...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

no angry mob

the mob ilisation of the new system has, again, been pushed back... something's going on in the well they're drilling some sort of toxic gas threatening to escape and kill us all is my favorite theory :P so all is on hold until they can figure out what the hell it is...

So it's more inventory for me.. some modules... maintenance on 148... zzz z. z.. z... z...

The irony is that Adam and me are the only two employees who want to be part of the mob... since neither of us have done one before (switching rovs on a rig is not something that happens that often) and chances are we won't see it because of all the delays :S the thing should have been finished when I got here 2 weeks ago...

Anywho.. maybe delays will keep piling up and it still wont be done when I come back here at the end of the month :P

ok, back to the inventory list now ... 1 bolt.... 2 bolt....arg... 3 bolt... 4 bolt.........................